Indulge in the artful expression of recognition with our exclusive Statuettes collection, a gallery of finely crafted miniature sculptures designed to honor excellence and celebrate achievements. This category beckons you into a world where sophistication and artistic brilliance converge to create distinctive awards that transcend the ordinary.


Fishing figurine

Option 1, height - 20 cm. Option 2, height - 18 cm. Option 3, height - 16 cm.
Glass awards

Glass 3D Fishing Award

With a blue gift box. Option 1, height - 14 cm (with base). Option 2, height - 11 cm (with base). Option 3, height - 8.5 cm (with base). Option 4, height - 10 cm (without base). Option 5, height - 8 cm (without base). Option 6, height - 6 cm (without base).

Fish figurine

The height of the golden figurine is 14.6 cm. The height of the bronze figurine is 10.1 cm. Attaches to the base (order separately).

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